Edit: I’ve added a couple of tests to the graphQL API, check the new article on my website https://www.ricardo-trindade.com/

Tons of people are playing Animal Crossing New Horizons during this period of quarantine (myself included). You may spend a lot of time fishing around your island, whether it is to donate your catches to Blathers or to score some bells. As you may know, some fishes only show up during certain months, on in certain times of day, and there’s plenty of resources out there that tell you where to go to get each fish. To strengthen my Elixir skills…

I’ve been using GraphQL for a year now at work and outside of it (check my other story where I built a simple API in Elixir using Animal Crossing the theme).

Source code for both backend and frontend applications can be found at https://github.com/RicardoTrindade/CableQL and https://github.com/RicardoTrindade/Subscriptions-React respectively.

The idea for this story came from the issue that we were facing with background jobs being scheduled by GraphQL mutations, and how could we let the user know that the job has finished. …

I’ve been playing around with Typescript these days. And so far the experience has been pretty great. I’ve worked mostly with Ruby, Kotlin. I’ve also used Javascript on a few occasions. That said I didn’t find the change to Typescript as hard as I thought, in fact, I find it quite intuitive. As I’ve been using it with VScode (also built-in Typescript), the IDE often points out any missing/wrong types, that would prevent countless hours of debugging.

In the javascript projects that I’ve worked in the past for making HTTP requests, I would use libs like Axios or $.ajax, which…

I’ve been learning Elixir recently and enjoying it so far, coming from a Rails background it’s really similar to Ruby. As I’m a Docker fan I had to configure everything up to be able to develop with it.

Sharing my current configuration for local development with Elixir 1.9.1, and Postgres 11.4 all tied up with docker-compose.
I’ve adapted the configuration from previous posts on Medium, namely this one.

I’ll be creating a new Phoenix project in API only mode without any of the UI parts in order to reduce the complexity of the Dockerfile.

So the first step would be…

My name is Ricardo Trindade, and I am part of Hole19’s product team, currently working on research and development. I’d like to tell you a bit more about our challenges in the implementation of some features, namely trendlines which we developed as part of our Hole19 premium offering, as well as Wit.ai which ended up being a discontinued feature unfortunately. …

Ricardo Trindade

Fullstack engineer at Marley Spoon. Keen interest in machine learning, Ruby and Kotlin

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